About Us

What is 'Not Your Ball'?

We'll try keep this brief... More than likely you have had your golf ball picked up by another golfer before, whether by accident or on purpose. 'Not Your Ball' is here to fix that problem - the dreaded ball poachers.

The 'Not Your Ball':

  • 3 piece surlyn ball with soft feel.
  • 71-73 compression with mid-low spin.
  • Increased distance and control off the tees.
  • Ball poacher repellant branding.

Are we a 'meme ball' or gimmick? NO. Our ball has been tested by golfers of many different swing speeds, and our ball performs well against every other ball in the category.

We're just a group of friends who love playing golf, connecting with others and solving problems. Hopefully NYB is a product that you can enjoy and share with others. Cheers!